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Youth Folklórico Program: 2014-2015 Academic School Year (Grades K-8 and High School)

Students will receive historical information and instruction in Mexican Folk Dance referred to as Ballet Folklórico. The uniqueness of ballet folklórico is its pull from movements of classical ballet and marrying them with music and traditional foot stomping, zapateado. 


The students will be introduced to various styles of Mexican Folk Dance and various sounds. Basic zapateado will be taught in addition to more complicated footwork. Precision and teamwork will be fundamental to the success of the student. Intricate choreographies will prove to be challenging and satisfying to the student and their success. This class is not limited to personal growth and betterment. Students will 

learn about theater basics, performance and decorum. They will be introduced to basic theater language and spacing.


The highlight for the student will be performing in the school auditorium for an audience with costuming and professional sound; while still maintaining the feel of a community event. Contact us for a description of the different regional styles, cultural information and material that will be covered. 

School Assemblies Program: xico in Motion


Ballet Folklórico Costa de Oro is available to perform at your next school assembly. Bring Mexico's colorful culture right to your students.  


Click here for more information. 

Available for on-site instruction! The Youth Folklórico Program is perfect for your after-school program or for your school's Fine Arts curriculum. 

Contact for further inquiries:


Steven J. Koneffklatt

Artistic Director

22620 Foothill Blvd.

Hayward, CA 94541 

(510) 316-3237